Merry Christmas, Fulham Fans! Guest blogger Braxton Crisp writes about your team being relegated.



Fulham's Clint Dempsey-847367

(Kyle’s Note: This is Part two of three in Braxton Crisp’s look at if the season today. Braxton is focusing on the teams that would be relegated. Today’s team, Fulham. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!)

What if the season ended today? Part Dos

-By Braxton Crisp

Yesterday I analyzed Crystal Palace’s likely relegation back to the FL Cup, now today I take a look at one of the two bigger name teams who are set to be sent down if things were to wrap up in the EPL season today. Today it’s….. Fulham!

Fulham has been riding the struggle bus HARD. It really has been a lost season for Fulham, and the worst part of the struggles in the first part of the season is that puts the club in awful position to make acquisitions during the January transfer window. Who would willfully go to a club sitting at the bottom of the table and risk being under contract while the team plummets into the FL Cup? I sure wouldn’t.

Fulham is bringing back Clint Dempsey on a two month loan from MLS Seattle Sounders in hopes he provides a spark for the club much like he did from 2007-2012 before he moved over to Tottenham for a little less than 12 months. I think they’re wasting their money and efforts though and here is why: in 12 matches with the Sounders, Dempsey registered just one goal and one assist.

Many say Dempsey and Eddie Johnson didn’t mesh well in Seattle, but I’m not buying it, because in seven international matches with the USMNT (both friendly and WCQ), in the 2013 calendar year, he scored four goals and an assist, with Johnson on the team as well. It’s hard to pinpoint why Dempsey has seemingly fallen off, but he definitely isn’t the same player he was in his previous stint with Fulham and I think FFC is grasping at straws by bringing him back.

Fulham is in a world of hurt, as it won’t get much better I fear.

Since today is Dec. 25, Merry Christmas to all!

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