New Post: Guest Blogger Braxton Crisp asks What if the EPL Season ended today?

(Kyle’s Note: You’ve all heard Braxton Crisp on the Kicking It radio show. If you haven’t, you should catch up on the show podcasts! Braxton is a fellow fan of soccer and wanted to write a few posts for this blog, which I tremendously appreciate. This is the first of a three part series called “What if the EPL Season ended today?” Braxton raises some good points and chronicles the often under-covered bottom of the league table. Enjoy!) 

What if the EPL Season Ended Today?

-By Braxton Crisp

 Well a simple look at the most recent table following yesterday’s draw between Arsenal and Chelsea shows that the three teams that would be relegated to the Football League Championship would be Crystal Palace, Sunderland, and Fulham. Let’s take a look at each of these teams individually:

 Crystal Palace: to say that things at Selhurst Park are looking bleak would be an understatement. The club had to quite literally beg Tony Pulis to be the manager after Ian Holloway left. And he isn’t the first manager to leave CPFC hanging.

The last manager to lead Crystal Palace for more than one EPL campaign? Neil Warnock from 2007-2010. Crystal Palace has some pretty good players, but I think the upper management isn’t of caliber to lead an EPL team. They’re the forgotten EPL team of London and it really wouldn’t be that catastrophic if Crystal Palace went back to the FLC. 

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