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New Post: Watch Liverpool youth player Curtis Jones’ sensational footwork, goal

Liverpool F.C.has several players  who can run at opponents and beat them 1v1 on the dribble and it looks like at least one player in the team’s youth ranks can as well.

Reds u-18 midfielder  Curtis Jones scored a goal Saturday against Blackburn Rovers that would make senior team stars Phillipe Coutinho, Roberto Fermino, Adam Lallana, Georginio Wijnaldum, Divock Origi and more proud.

Seeing a goal like this from a young player is encouraging, because academy players seem to normally play a conservative style of soccer. Jones not only bamboozles his marker on the run, but links up well with a teammate on the wing before getting the ball back to score the goal.

Jones had plenty of work to do after getting the pass back, as well. His quick footwork and presence of mind under pressure was fantastic. The finish wasn’t easy either, but he still managed to tuck it away.

Jones also scored a headed goal in the 3-0 playoff win. If he keeps this up, I would love to see Jones in the full Liverpool team in a few years.

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New Post: My 3 Favorite Things from the FIFA 15 Demo

By, Kyle Gibson

Here are my 3 favorite things from the new FIFA 15 Demo.

1. Switching User feature
I have never been great at throw ins on FIFA, but now the game gives players the opportunity to become the runner on the throw in. You can also switch and be the runner on corner kicks and free kicks and call for a pass. I scored as Mats Hummels with a header from a corner that way. It works and it’s fun.

2. The Gameplay is even smarter
Passing in the box is very easy, as are the runs a player can make. I also find you have to play real soccer to score. Normally, I can “cheat” and score a few goals with a few tricks. Not on this game. It rewards soccer smarts.

3. The crowds
Soccer crowds are the best in the world and have been cited as many players and managers as huge game changers. You can feel the energy of the home crowd so well on this game. Real songs “You’ll never Walk Alone” and chants “Come on Citeh!” Are now featured on the game.

This gameplay is outstanding. Can’t wait for the real thing!

New Post: Top Five Biggest World Cup Injury Blows

By, Kyle Gibson

It’s every soccer player’s dream to suit up for the FIFA World Cup Finals. From the time a player laces up the boots, the dream begins. When you’re dribbling in your back yard or garden, or playing street soccer with friends, the dream is always there. Some make it to the top and have that chance to shine. It’s always terrible in the soccer community when one of these players misses their chance to shine due to injury. Here are the top 5 (or so) guys that I’m very bummed about for either missing the World Cup, or may not be entirely healthy.

Honorable Mention- Alvaro Saborio, Costa Rica

5. Stuart Holden- United States

By every estimation a class act, the US midfielder has had trouble staying healthy for years. After rehabbing a lengthy injury, Holden again suffered an injury in March that left him out for another 6 to 9 months. It’s a big IF to say whether or not Holden will ever return to his form with the Houston Dynamo and his early days with Bolton Wanderers, but if he does, the odds for a World Cup return could be in his favor. Holden will be 32 in 2018. Crazier things have happened.

4. Luis Montes- Mexico

I’m not going to be one of those people that mentions Montes just to get clicks for the leg injury. It just doesn’t seem right. I think there was a chance for a good player to have a good World Cup and that was cut short in the game against Ecuador a few days ago. After scoring, there was a big collision that in a second, left Montes out for the World Cup. The Leon man will have to hope the rehab will bring him back stronger than ever.

3. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott

The Ox was injured in yesterday’s game against Ecuador and will be out for 10-21 days. Walcott was injured a few months back in a game against Tottenham Hotspur. Both Arsenal midfielders would have injected the pace and flair that could have really helped England in a packed group stage.

2. Luis Suarez- Uruguay

He had a chance to be the true star of the tournament, but had surgery at the end of Liverpool’s season. Oscar Tabarez said Suarez might be back by the opener. Will he be ready? We don’t know, but I doubt he will be 100 percent, which is good for Costa Rica, England and Italy, but bad for the soccer world.

1. Rodamel Falcao- Colombia

One of the best strikers in the world. The Monaco man suffered an ACL tear in January and his rehab could not get him back in time. It’s a shame that we won’t get to see him playing against the Ivory Coast in what should have been an epic match. He also wold have torn Greece apart.

Kicking It Podcast: World Cup Brazil Preview Part 1!

We had an amazing time recording this podcast about groups A-D of the FIFA World Cup! Next week we will discuss the USA, but tonight we broke down the winners of the first four action packed groups, including Brazil, Spain, Holland, England, Italy, Chile, Mexico, Croatia, Colombia, the Ivory Coast and more!

Here is the link! The podcast is completely free on Soundcloud. Please spread the word!

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It’s Finally Here! Listen to the first episode of the Kicking It Podcast!

By, Kyle Gibson

This has been an idea of mine for awhile. As you know, I recently hosted a soccer show on three great stations in West Virginia. I am so thankful for them for the opportunity, but moving on from college means it’s time to start fresh. The Kicking It podcast is now a joyous reality!

I recorded this podcast with my dad and we had a blast talking about Manchester United, the U.S. Men’s National Team, Yaya Toure, our favorite teams and players and a lot more.

Please follow this link to listen for free. Please, spread the word and enjoy! The acoustics might not sound the best, but we had an amazing time doing this and will continue to do so!

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New Post: Dog Bites Man, Manchester City Beats Manchester United Again

By, Kyle Gibson

There’s a saying in journalism that helps students understand what is newsworthy and what is not.

If a dog bites a man, it is not newsworthy, because it happens all the time.

However, if a man bites a dog, that is certainly newsworthy.

For Manchester City, it used to be a “man bites dog” story if it would beat Manchester United. As proved by its run of dominance, including yesterday’s 3-0 win at Old Trafford, the story is now a dog bites man.

The domination and tenacity that City shows in these games is incredible. The first goal was scored within 42 seconds yesterday. The Blues owned every phase of the game and made United look like a junior league side.

I wrote about the game as the first post on my new WordPress blog, which is called “Beyond the Scoreline.” This blog focuses on the stats I want to talk about from games I have watched. These are the stats that don’t get the most mentions during a broadcast. I love this blog and will keep posting on here, but I want Beyond the Scoreline to go hand in hand with this one.

I would be honored if you would check out the post. Here is the link www.beyondthescoreline.wordpress.com

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New Post: Introspection Tuesday, feat. Tottenham, Manchester United, El Clasico, and the Columbus Crew

By, Kyle Gibson

So….hey guys! Sorry this blog has been on extended hiatus. It’s been a whirlwind trying to graduate from college, a whirlwind that will continue until May. I will try to post as often as I can, but schoolwork has a priority!

I was able to watch a few games this past weekend, even though I had two consecutive “travel days,” to borrow a reference from the NBA. Here’s what has me thinking this Tuesday.

  • Tottenham Hotspur’s Hothead Manager Showed Life Sunday- Tim Sherwood’s rage issues and recent poor form at Spurs has fans calling for Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal. Here’s the thing, Spurs won in a thriller against Southampton at White Hart Lane Sunday. The win came at a huge time against a very solid team. Even though the team came from two goals down, the backline is a HUGE concern going forward. Can Sherwood get it organized? His career depends on it.
  • What the hell got into Manchester United?- As a Manchester United fan, this season has been the longest in recent memory. David Moyes has been hapless as a manager for large parts of the season and the players are not exactly playing like the team that won the EPL just 10 months ago. However, this past week, the team went 2-0 with a huge Champions League win over Olympiakos and a league win over West Ham. Wayne Rooney played out of his mind in both games, feeding a Robin Van Persie hat trick in the first and scoring both goals in the game against the Hammers. The first was a classic. Van Persie is out now for 4-6 weeks, which puts a damper on things for United, but Danny Welbeck should use the time to step up and prove his England worth.
  • I Would NEVER Want to be the Ref for the Clasico– Barcelona vs Real Madrid is the last game I would want to call if I were a referee. The stakes for both teams are too high and the rivalry is so great that the game will always inevitably turn nasty. Who wants to be in the position of giving the world’s best players red cards for incidents that may or may not have happened? Do you really want Danny Alves and Xabi Alonso constantly yelling at you? This series is a mess and I want to be nowhere near it.
  • The Columbus Crew are the Darlings of the young MLS season- I see your Toronto FC and your Seattle Sounders, but how about the Columbus Crew this season? Gregg Berhalter has the team firing on all cylinders with a 2-0 record. After losing Chad Marshall and Andy Gruenebaum, I expected the team to start slow, but the Crew are tied at the top of the Eastern Conference with Houston and Toronto. Here’s to the hot start continuing and fans filling Crew stadium, perhaps tempting the ownership into a few summer signings,

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