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New Post: Three keys for the #USMNT tonight against Costa Rica in Copa America

By, Kyle Gibson

After a subpar start against Colombia in Copa America Friday, the U.S. Men’s National team returns to action Tuesday at 8 p.m. against Costa Rica.

One would assume that Colombia will beat Paraguay, but the United States essentially needs a win to keep Costa Rica at one point, forcing a necessity for a Ticos win against Colombia in the final contest.

Here are three keys for Tuesday’s match-up.

1. Do not concede an early goal: 

This is a problem I didn’t include in the last game for fear of being redundant. After all, allowing early goals has plagued the U.S. in big games for years. Cristian Zapata’s eighth-minute goal from a corner again exposed the team’s penchant for allowing early goals, while also highlighting the team’s sometimes glaring set-piece weaknesses.

Costa Rica is one of the most solid teams in the tournament, so the U.S. can simply not afford to be chasing the game for long stretches.

2. No Jermaine Jones:

Jones completely lost the plot for much of his time in the game. Feeling a youthful vigor that doesn’t match his aging skill set, Jones would often rush forward, trying to take speedy Colombian defenders on. This led to plenty of dispossession and often seemed to confuse Jones’ teammates.

I would play Darlington Nagbe instead. Nagbe has been impressive in his appearances for the squad so far and has plenty of speed and technical ability.

3. Will the real Michael Bradley please stand up? 

I mentioned Bradley as a key in my last post too, but I sincerely believe that as Bradley goes, so goes the team.

Often, Bradley did not display his trademark judgement on Friday and his passes were not crisp.Hopefully for the Yanks, Tuesday will be much better for Bradley.

Bonus: We need to talk about Clint. 

Clint Dempsey just doesn’t have “it” anymore. The skill, above average speed and love of “trying s*&t,” as he used to call it, just does not seem to be present anymore in the 33-year old.

If healthy, the central spot Dempsey is filling would more than likely be filled by Jozy Altidore. I don’t think Jurgen Klinsmann will do this, but I think Bobby Wood would be much better in this spot.

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New Post: The New England Revolution might just win it all.

By, Kyle Gibson

Seriously, have you watched the New England Revolution play?

This is my fourth time getting that honor this season (I don’t own MLS Live) and I have to say I really love what I have seen. It’s a team that looks like it’s the most complete, disciplined and tactically solid in the MLS.

The Revolution continues its superb play with a 2-1 downing of the New York Red Bulls on the road Sunday, going a long way towards qualifying for the finals.

When it comes down to it, I think there are a few key reasons why the Revs will win it all this season.

Lee Nguyen

If Nguyen doesn’t win MVP this year, there’s a problem. Sure, he didn’t score Sunday, but he is ever-present as an attacker and has the work-rate and skill to win a match. He has produced some of the best goals in MLS this season and is the creative force behind this squad.

Jermaine Jones

Jones was a late addition, coming over in the transfer market from Besiktas. Better late than never. The USMNT mainstay provides the scrap and steel the midfield needs to unleash the creative guys like Nguyen, Teal Bunbury and Charlie Davies.

Jay Heaps

Heaps gets it done as a manager, which is great to see for the former Rev player. I always liked him as a player, but he has done great things through the draft and with his squad to meet the rigors of a long season.

So, while we have been busy praising the Galaxy and the Sounders, the Revolution have been doing their thing on the field. With the play I’ve seen from this team, that play might just be enough to hoist an MLS Cup.

New Kicking It Podcast: Kyle’s Ultimatum

Check out the new Kicking It podcast! In this edition, Kyle discusses Manchester United’s woes and newest transfer signing Angel DiMaria, as well as more news from the world of soccer, including the Champions League draw and the Jermaine Jones transfer to the New England Revolution. Kyle also hints that this might be the last show, at least for now. 

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New Kicking It Podcast: USA 2-2 Portugal Instant Analysis

By, Kyle Gibson

Last week after the US defeated Ghana, we hopped on the podcast in jubilant spirits and rehashed the game that was. I decided to do that again this week, albeit with a heavier heart. Still, I believe. I believe that we will advance! This quick podcast covers the amazing game against Portugal and the implications from the game (we want a tie or Portugal win). Please give it a listen, it’s very quick and I think you will find it enjoyable.

Here is the link, or listen below.