New Post: Matt Miazga’s Chelsea signing shows one thing – the big clubs are watching.

By, Kyle Gibson

U.S. international defender Matt Miazga’s signing by Chelsea signifies one important factor that MLS fans should pay attention to: big clubs around the world are watching.

The 20-year old burst onto the scene this year for the New York Red Bulls, but was nowhere near a household name until he was linked to Chelsea. After all, despite earning rave reviews, Miazga did not earn any MLS postseason honors and has just one cap with the USMNT, which came against legendary 80’s band  CONCACAF weakling Saint Vincent and the Grenadines back on Nov. 15.

However, apparently Miazga did more than enough to be on Chelsea’s radar. This should be an exciting signing for young players starting out in MLS, because it demonstrates that if you have a successful season and show promise you can catch a big break.

It also might be important the next time the league and players union enter collective bargaining. The union might definitely try to argue that American players would consider staying in MLS…if the price is right. Extra opportunity presents more selling power.

With Jordan Morris recently snubbing Werder Bremen for Seattle, it’s important to remember that no situation is similar and that players are entitled to do whatever they want.

Good luck to Matt on Chelsea. I just hope he doesn’t end up like their other 50 players that are perennially loaned out.


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