Deadspin and Greg Hardy: Domestic Violence Again Under NFL Microscope

By, Kyle Gibson

Note. I haven’t done a flip-flop here and stopped covering soccer. This is for a class. 

Hopefully they pay you the big bucks to be a member of the NFL public relations team. Otherwise, is the headache worth the salary or stature?

Deadspin dropped another bomb on Friday when a post by Diana Moskovitz revealed photos to the press for the first time of Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy’s former girlfriend, Nicole Holder, after she was allegedly beaten by Hardy.

The story was quickly picked up by many national outlets. USA TODAY columnist Christine Brennan said in her column “Let’s hope the release of these photos will do what the NFL could not do: punish Hardy as he should be punished, by losing his career for good.”

Sometimes as well, you find that local sports reporters can be afraid to tackle an issue, but that’s why it’s interesting that local sports reporter Bob Sturm of the Dallas Morning News said this about Hardy: “He’s quickly become one of their best defensive players, but I imagine the Cowboys will wonder if at some point if he’s worth the trouble. On a contender he makes a ton of sense. On a 2-6 team, I wonder if they want the relationship to be a long-term one?”

It’s also interesting to see that current players, who often do not speak about fellow NFL brethren, commenting openly on Hardy. This was especially true of two Philadelphia Eagles players, who just beat Hardy’s Cowboys last night. Eagles center Travis Kelce said he hated three types of people in an article by CBS. “It’s people who hit women, people who molest children, and rapists. I’m glad he (Hardy) didn’t have a good day and … I don’t know. I think it’s a joke a guy like that is able to play this quickly.” Fellow offensive lineman Lane Johnson said he also tried to “put extra mustard” on his blocks with Hardy.

Deadspin, a sports blog, opened the floodgates, but now, more mainstream national media has started to steer the conversation as well.


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