New Post: EPL Week 3 Predictions. Can I get them all right again? 

By, Kyle Gibson

I have to admit that’s false advertisement. I’ve never gotten them all right. I do have a good feeling about this week though (as always, probably misguided hope). 

Last week’s record: 6-4 (reminder, I go off results. Score is just there for fun. Although last week I got one result absolutely right, Watford 0-0 West Brom. What a snoozer.)

Here we go!

Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle

I still don’t think United concedes. I do think Rooney finally scores a goal to silence his increased haters and console his decreased fantasy owners. 

Crystal Palace 1-0 Aston Villa

A matchup of two teams that can mix it up and forget the object of a soccer match is to score. That’s not a diss on the Crystals (I love you guys). Bonus: Bolasie goal. 

Leicester City 1-1 Tottenham

Leicester’s extremely unexpected run of form will continue with a very good home draw against a team I regret picking in my preseason top four already. 

Norwich City 2-2 Stoke City

A lot of draws this week so far I know. It’s just that Carrow Road is a fortress for Norwich, but stoke is the sturdiest team outside the big four. 

Sunderland 3-0 Swansea

Sunderland fans will see who can leave the Stadium of Light the fastest. Bonus: Sigurdsson free kick goal. 

West Ham United 1-2 Bournemouth


West Brom 0-2 Chelsea

I think Chelsea’s big guns will be pissed from the City loss. Hazard a lock to score here. 

Everton 2-4 Manchester City

Everton are coming in all confident after beating Southampton 3-0. I think Martinez will mistakenly take that into consideration against City and come out guns blazing. They will score, but they can’t handle that kind of game against a well oiled machine. Bonus: Sterling debut goal. 

Watford 1-0 Southampton

This doesn’t seem that likely, but strangely enough, it’s one of the picks I’m most comfortable about this week. I’m also 100% sure that City will score four on Everton at Goodison. 

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

Liverpool will play really convincing here and make us think they’re really back. I’m nowhere near as confident on this one. 


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