New Post: Latest MLS Salaries Released by MLS Player’s Association. Who are the highest paid? Who is the biggest waste?

By, Kyle Gibson

The MLS Player’s Association dumped its latest league salaries report today.

This list is always fun to go over and is even easier to stomach now because salaries have generally increased. Players will still argue for more money (they should), but until then at least salaries have slightly gone up. 

Highest Paid

The highest paid player in the league is Kaka at Orlando City. He makes 7.167 million per year. He is followed closely though by Sebastian Giovinco at Toronto, who makes 7.115 million per season. With their production, it’s hard to argue their worth. 

Biggest Steals

There are two deals that seem very reasonable for me. These steals are highly productive for their teams and are popular league-wide. 

The first is Bradley Wright-Phillips at New York Red Bulls, who makes $660,000 per year. He led the league in goals scored last year and already has eight goals and five assists this season. 

The second biggest steal is Benny Feilhaber at Sporting Kansas City, who makes just slightly north of 360,000 per year. Considering what he brings to the team and him being an established veteran, this seems like a pretty low wage. 

Biggest Waste

This isn’t entirely fair because he’s been out with injury so much, but I don’t think Jermaine Jones is worth $3 million per year at the age of 33. However, New England needed to make a big signing when they secured him last season and Jones also held out for the most possible money. Signing national team members from your country doesn’t come cheap. 

You can take a look at the full list here. It can easily consume a couple hours of your life. 


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