New Post: Here are MLS Player Salaries for Every Player by Team for 2014

By, Kyle Gibson

I was doing some digging on the CBA that MLS and its players union are currently fighting over and I found this list of every player’s salary in 2014.

This is an interesting look at salaries even without considering some of the questions people are mulling throughout this collective bargaining process.

For me, one thing is clear, the minimum salary for players has to increase. Many of these professional athletes are only making slightly more than $38,000 per year, a small number considering the workload and cost of living in major cities.

However, this list also cranks up the debate about free agency, which players are for but team owners are staunchly against.

One of the big questions of free agency is whether it would cause a concentration of the best players in teams that have the financial means to afford them. This is seen as a damage to parity.

That may be a fair point, considering that there is already a high level of spending disparity among the teams. Chicago had the lowest highest-paid salary among teams in 2014 (Mike Magee’s $350,000). Compare that to the team with the highest amount of wages (Toronto paid Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe $6 million each, I’m not counting Kaka’s $6.6 million with Orlando) and you see that level of spending discrepancies

A few teams do not even use designated player slots (each MLS team is allowed three salaries that do not count against the cap).

So, for those that argue that it would hurt teams that don’t spend to allow free agency, it might be a blessing in disguise for the league. The spending spree could spur the teams with tight fists like Chicago, Columbus, Colorado, D.C. and Real Salt Lake to actually fill its designated player slots and buy top players the fans want to see.

Whatever your opinions, that list is a fun read.

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