Sebastian Giovinco’s Transfer is One of the Most Important in MLS History

By, Kyle Gibson

Toronto FC made a huge splash again this weekend, signing Italian striker Sebastian Giovinco away from Juventus.

Giovinco, 27, is a very fast striker that has 40 league goals in 8 Italian seasons. He is also noted as one of the real speedsters at the striker position and was looked at hard by other clubs going into this transfer window.

He could also be the most important signing in MLS history, besides David Beckham. Here’s why.

Giovinco is a player that is known in Europe as a scorer. He has 21 caps for Italy and 91 appearances for Juventus. He is also a player entering his prime at 27.

That has long been the knock on MLS, that it could never sign a good European player in his prime. Now they have one.

The money he will be receiving (some reports say $7 million a year) and the success he could potentially have, could persuade other European players in their prime to join up with MLS. You have to start somewhere.

With more MLS players choosing to play their prime years in the states, a steady influx of prime European talent could help the growing league even more.

Giovinco is quick enough to break down defenses and is a good defender. He should pair well with Jozy Altidore, who also signed last week with the club from Sunderland.

He will also have a huge amount of support. Toronro F.C. fans are very passionate and Toronto has the highest population of Italians for a city outside of Italy.

Signing Giovinco is a big step for MLS. The league will be hoping to see many more like it in the coming seasons.


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