New Post: Manchester United Signs Victor Valdes. Is David DeGea Gone in the summer?

By, Kyle Gibson

In one of the worst kept transfer secrets of all time, Manchester United has signed former Barcelona keeper/legend Victor Valdes on an 18 month deal. The club announced the deal today.

I say it’s a terribly kept secret simply because Valdes has already been in Manchester for roughly two months, rehabbing an ACL injury at Carrington.

The keeper has won numerous La Liga titles and three Champions League crowns, so he is the perfect back-up, should he prove to recover fully.

The signing of such a star goalkeeper raises serious red flags about the future of United’s star goalkeeper, David de Gea.

DeGea has at times been the best player on the field this season. With a makeshift back line, de Gea has stemmed an onslaught of opposing chances this season.

His shot-stopping ability has always been among the best in the world and he has improved on his defending of set-pieces, especially corner kicks.

However, de Gea is Spanish and has been linked to Real Madrid numerous times. With only 18 months left on his deal, there is plenty of reason to speculate that de Gea’s time at Manchester may be coming to a close.

After all, de Gea is on the periphery of breaking in as the Spanish Number One choice at goalkeeper. A move to Real Madrid could raise his international stature and make him a challenger to Manuel Neuer as the world’s top goalkeeper.

It’s not that he couldn’t do that at Man United, but de Gea would be able to bask in the spotlight in his home country. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks like Real Madrid is backing in truckloads of cash these days.

United could also cash in on de Gea. He was bought for roughly 18 million pounds. I bet he could be sold to Real for 32-35, depending on if Keylor Navas is a bust (he allowed two goals against Atletico Tuesday, one being a penalty).

Will it be sad to see David de Gea leave Manchester? Yes. However, signing Valdes is a strong step in the right direction.


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