Liverpool Should Sign Wilfried Bony As Soon as the Transfer Window Opens

Image Credit: Paul Carr, ESPN

By, Kyle Gibson

The above stat by ESPN’s Paul Carr says it all about Swansea City striker Wilfried Bony. The man is just pretty darn consistent as a goal scorer.

The Ivorian striker has shown this consistency since he arrived at Swansea City from the Netherlands in 2013.

With 8 goals already in this campaign, it seems like a big team should be poised to snatch up Bony.

Liverpool, I’m looking at you. Here’s why.

Your current strike force ain’t doing it. 

Daniel Sturridge is injured, Mario Ballotelli is regressing and Rickie Lambert isn’t seen as a solution. What you need is a real and proven EPL goal scorer. The Reds are looking at West Brom man Saido Berahino, but he’s a youngster and isn’t proven yet either. Belgian wonderkid Divock Origi is already on loan in France, if Liverpool wanted a young striker, they could just recall him.

He is reasonably priced. 

Liverpool could spend about $22 million tops for Bony. He might even go for less. This is an affordable solution to that striker void left by Luis Suarez leaving for Barcelona.

Your Midfielders Will Be Happy

Raheem Sterling, Adam Lallana and Steven Gerrard will have less pressure to score goals with a big threat like Bony up top. The big striker also demands plenty of attention and can score a variety of different goals, whether from set pieces or open play. He also has 6 league assists in his EPL career, proving he can play provider as well.

Liverpool has done a good job moving back into the top half, but it’s time to bring in a real English Premier League striker. Wilfried Bony is just simply too big a chance to miss.

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