All I Want is a Career in Soccer

By, Kyle Gibson

For awhile, I wanted to be a writer. That was when I was in fourth grade. I also wanted to be a teacher. I actually started college as an education major, but finished with a degree in journalism.

Now I’m kind of cooling on the whole journalism thing too. People don’t really like or trust journalists and I like to be liked and trusted.

I guess, since I was 8 years old, all I’ve ever really wanted was a career in soccer. Up until a few years ago, I just wasn’t sure how many jobs there were or what I could do in soccer.

Now, I know. I want to be a part of the communications team for a soccer team. I feel that my knowledge of the game and writing skills could play a key part in me getting one of those jobs.

The dream would be to work for an English Premier League team, but I know that could be unlikely. I have really taken a love to the MLS (Major League Soccer) over here in the U.S. in the last few years. So a job in the MLS would be amazing as well.

There are plenty of other jobs that interest me (professor, sports information director, television writer), but soccer is the one thing in my life that I can never get tired of. I can watch it for 10 hours and then read about it for more.

From my JMC 641 “Web Strategies” class, there is one key thing I am working on: Twitter. The above image shows my new strategy for games. I’m trying to tweet conversational content during games. I’m also trying to gain more followers. The account I tweeted at has a massive number of followers and their retweet sparked my highest amount of engagement ever.

However, I am also looking at Twitter analysis as well to try and find  “the sweet spot” for posts and engagement. I found out about that from the “Twitter for Business” source, which was greatly influential.

I am trying new tricks with this blog as well to try for new views in new places, such as new ways of promotion. I am still trying to work out SEO, but that seems like something you work on over time.

I’m hoping that a Master’s Degree in Digital Communications, coupled with sports information work in soccer and a strong digital presence will be able to get me the career in soccer I’ve always wanted.


One thought on “All I Want is a Career in Soccer

  1. crivasldnont

    Hey Kyle, I am also trying to get better at SEO. I installed a plug in and not sure yet if that is helping. What O have found more beneficial than Twitter in regards to referrals is Google+. Posting in Football/Communities have boosted my numbers the past 4 weeks, and being a Google product, it wouldn’t hurt with search engines. I’m sure that if you Google studzupblog the Google+ will show up. Whatever we can do to express of love for football/soccer. Cheers!


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