New Post: Soccer Elections Results– Who wins?

By, Kyle Gibson

Normally, you don’t tell anyone who you vote for. Americans, who post pictures of every meal they eat and Facebook every time their stomach hurts, don’t like to mention who they choose to lead the country for the immediate future.

However, yesterday I unveiled the soccer election and today I am going to unveil my ballot choices, along with the help of celebrity guest voter….my dad, Richard!

Don’t forget to post your own ballot in the comments.

Best Player (President)

Lionel Messi (Kyle and Richard)
Cristiano Ronaldo
Write-in candidate.

Best German Defender (Chancellor)
Philipp Lahm (Kyle)
Per Mertesacker (Richard)
Mats Hummels
(Dad hates all the German players, but he didn’t want to miss out on the democratic process. As he said “You can’t go wrong with Mertesacker.”)

Best Young Player (Young Republicans Club)

Mario Götze
Neymar (Dad, Kyle)
Marco Reus

Best American Player (Mayor)

Clint Dempsey
Tim Howard (Richard)
Write-in (Kyle writes in Michael Bradley)

Best Manager (Land Commissioner)

Jose Mourinho (Richard)
Pep Guardiola (Dad would not “…(urinate) on him if he was on fire.”)
Carlo Ancelloti
Diego Simeone
Jurgen Klopp
Write-in (Kyle writes in Sigi Schmid, a role model for bug guys everywhere.)

Best Premier League Player (Prime Minister, even though none are English)
Cesc Fabregas (Kyle)
Sergio Aguero
Angel DiMaria (Richard)

Best Goalkeeper (Secretary of Defense) (no write ins)
Thibault Courtois
Manuel Neuer (Kyle, Richard)


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