Expanding my Platform: What I learned from Michael Hyatt’s “Platform”

By, Kyle Gibson

Just when I think I have this blogging stuff figured out, I come across a book like Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Busy World. Hyatt is a guru of blogging and branding, with over 233,000 Twitter followers and a blog that receives millions of unique visits per year. From Platform, I learned three very useful techniques I plan to incorporate into my blog.

1. Post Every Day
During the FIFA World Cup, I was posting a blog on here every day. After, though, I dropped off. My viewership suffered because of that. As Hyatt said “If there’s nothing new to read, they (readers) will eventually lose interest..” I truly think it would be in my best interest to post every day, because you can’t grow your brand until you start adding to the product.

2. Don’t Settle for Less than Great
There have maybe been a few times in the history of this blog where I did not write as well as I should have. Hyatt states that if you truly believe in your product, you should ensure that it is great. I really do want to expand this blog, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that each of my posts is top notch. Hyatt said that 30 minutes a day as a minimum would be good to designate to your platform. Even on my busiest days, I probably have at least 30 minutes to write something that is on my mind.

3. Write a Guest Blog
Hyatt states that writing for someone else’s blog can help to expand your readership in new places and also helps to make connections with people you run into in online communities. After reading that, I reached out to fellow WordPress soccer blogger Carlos Rivas of the StudzUp blog and hope to do a guest post on his blog and have him do one on mine. His readership is more than mine and I am sure he can benefit from getting a few reads from the people my posts reach.

This book really fit with the overall theme of branding that I have learned in my JMC 641 Web Strategies class. Essentially, you most develop a well constructed plan and make sure to execute properly. Platform really helped me to do just that.

I would recommend all bloggers and communicators to read Michael Hyatt’s Platform. The book is full of great instructions from start to finish.


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