New Post: My 3 Favorite Things from the FIFA 15 Demo

By, Kyle Gibson

Here are my 3 favorite things from the new FIFA 15 Demo.

1. Switching User feature
I have never been great at throw ins on FIFA, but now the game gives players the opportunity to become the runner on the throw in. You can also switch and be the runner on corner kicks and free kicks and call for a pass. I scored as Mats Hummels with a header from a corner that way. It works and it’s fun.

2. The Gameplay is even smarter
Passing in the box is very easy, as are the runs a player can make. I also find you have to play real soccer to score. Normally, I can “cheat” and score a few goals with a few tricks. Not on this game. It rewards soccer smarts.

3. The crowds
Soccer crowds are the best in the world and have been cited as many players and managers as huge game changers. You can feel the energy of the home crowd so well on this game. Real songs “You’ll never Walk Alone” and chants “Come on Citeh!” Are now featured on the game.

This gameplay is outstanding. Can’t wait for the real thing!


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