New Post: Danny Welbeck to Arsenal is just what the doctor ordered.

By, Kyle Gibson

The soccer public (Arsenal fans especially) seem to have mixed opinions about the signing of Danny Welbeck.

I think one of the biggest things people forget when analyzing Danny Welbeck is his age. After all, Welbeck, who signed with Arsenal after growing up in the Manchester Untied academy and playing there, is only 23. 

At 23, Welbeck has already seen plenty of football. He has 90 appearances with United in the league, 27 already for England. Those who complain about Welbeck’s style of play have a point. He is overall very inconsistent, but he has never had a chance to shine as a number 1 striker. 

At Manchester United, Welbeck was overshadowed by Wayne Rooney and Chicharito at first, then later, by Robin Van Persie. It’s hard to compare plenty of players to Rooney and Van Persie, let alone a young striker like Welbeck. 

Welbeck is more of a number 9 than a creative player, so he is honestly never going to adapt as a winger. His spot should be as a central striker, which Arsenal now has a chance to provide. 

Arsenal did the right thing by signing Welbeck. Players have been signed for much more money, for doing much less in the Premier League than Welbeck already has. 

As I mentioned earlier, all Welbeck needs is a true chance to be the number one option going forward. At Arsenal, he is going to have plenty of options around to help: Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla etc. There will be some growing pains I’m sure, but I fully anticipate Welbeck to have 15-20 goals in the EPL this season. If he doesn’t, then we can be more harsh on him before. 

Danny Welbeck needed a chance to prove himself. Here’s that chance. Now it’s proving time.


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