Manchester Musings: Does Manchester United care about winning anymore?

By, Kyle Gibson

Full disclosure here. I am a Manchester United fan and have been since 2002.

We were shocked when we watched Manchester United lose at home to Swansea City to open the Louis Van Gaal era. 

It was listless. It was against tradition. 

Is it becoming a trend?

After watching Manchester United for the past season and a game, I’m not so certain that this club cares about winning league titles anymore. 

Before you dismiss me as a pissed off fan with a sporadically visited blog, hear me out. 

Sir Alex Ferguson only cared about winning. He and former Chairman David Gill made an incredible manager-executive combo. Even though in recent years, transfers were not that great, United still signed guys like Robin Van Persie who directly contributed to a title.

Ferguson and Gill left the club in the same year, which meant the power void was filled by David Moyes and Ed Woodward. 

These moves have turned out terrible. The duo had no idea how to transfer (overpaying for Fellaini when the could have met a release clause for cheaper) and struggled to adapt.

Moyes was fired in April, but Woodward remains. There are still huge holes in the squad that have not been addressed in the transfer window. 

Is this systemic though? Moyes was only fired when finishing in a Champions League slot became an impossibility. The club has cited itsdreams of returning to European football. 

Would Ferguson and Gill have settled for that? I don’t think so. 

It is just so frustrating to look as a fan and see Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Liverpool and more signing big names when they finished AHEAD of United. 

Look for more on this in my podcast this week. Brush up on the podcast by subscribing on iTunes at “Kicking it with Kyle Gibson.” 


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