Manchester Musings: Harder Preseason should benefit Man United this season

By, Kyle Gibson

Louis van Gaal sure does things his way, doesn’t he?

After all, this is the guy that dissed the US preseason tour and its longevity, but so far he is undefeated as manager of Manchester United and seems to manage preseason friendlies like Cup Finals.

A top level soccer team should rarely have a tough preseason, with the length of season and shape of players, but I think this year is different.

In the latter years of Sir Alex Ferguson and under David Moyes, it never felt like the team took the preseason seriously.

This year, however, LVG needs to be able to assess the squad with fresh transfers and existing players filling vacated roles.

With the exception of Robin Van Persie and Luke Shaw, the stars have been out in abundance and there is a new commitment to youth players. It looks like another bare transfer window, so the more young players that can step up, the merrier.

Look, let’s face it, United became timid and lazy under David Moyes. Even with a lack of talent at times, Sir Alex always put out a motivated and tactical squad that was absent last season.

The culture at Manchester United needed to change. True to form, Louis Van Gaal has wasted no time in bringing that change.


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