New Post: Goals, Goals, Goals! The FIFA World Cup 3rd Place Game: Here’s Why You Should Care

By, Kyle Gibson

Today’s FIFA World Cup 3rd place game is considered by some to be the ultimate nonevent in sports. I have three reasons (3!) that I hope will change your mind and hopefully convince you to tune in to today’s match against the Netherlands and Brazil.

1. Has a World Cup game ever not been worth watching?

The answer to the above question is, no. Many of us have waited the entire 4 years from the last World Cup in South Africa. You won’t get a World Cup Finals game for the next 4 years, so why not watch both of the ones remaining?

2. 3rd place games have goals galore.

Going back to the 1994 World Cup, the only time a 3rd place game has failed to produce a total of 4 goals was 1998, when Croatia beat the Netherlands 2-1. That’s still 3 goals, though, which is more than enough for soccer fans looking to have some fun. The 2010 and 2002 World Cups each produced a total of 5 goals. These are still very good teams, good enough to make the Semifinals of a 32 team tournament. The best thing about this game is that the teams don’t have as much pressure and can go out and play loose soccer.

3. Both teams want to leave with some distinction

Getting 3rd place at a World Cup sounds like just being named 2nd loser, but you can still make your nation proud by winning your final game on the world’s biggest stage and by beating a big team. Brazil’s fans are mightily pissed off, so the country needs a big showing to salvage some of the resentment from its fans.

The Dutch are always hungry. I’m excited to see what Arjen Robben will try to do against the Brazilians.

What else do you have going on for a very hot Saturday? Wait until the evening to do stuff. Escape the sun and watch what should be a very fun soccer game.


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