New Post: Bad Guys Do Finish first. Luis Suarez transferred to Barcelona

By, Kyle Gibson

The long speculated deal was completed on Friday. FC Barcelona has signed Luis Suarez. The Catalonia Giants have added one of the most talented players on Earth to its roster.

They’ve also signed one of soccer’s biggest villains.

Suarez still has 8 games of suspension left, as well as a stadium ban that will last for months, due to his biting Georgio Chiellini of Italy at the World Cup.

If you’re keeping score at home, Suarez has bitten 3 players during his career, was charged in a racist taunt of Patrice Evra and previously hand balled a would be goal off the line against Ghana in a World Cup 2010 Quarterfinal, earning a straight red card.

Apparently, Barcelona was willing to overlook all the bad to gain a much needed striker.

My respect for FC Barcelona is slowly going out the door. The club used to stand for something, playing the game the beautiful way and donating its jersey space to UNICEF. Now, the team is sponsored by Qatar Airways and employs players now with Suarez that make a mockery of the game.

Luis Suarez scored 31 goals in 33 games in 2013-14. At what cost is production really worth a player whose bite is just as bad as his bark.


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