New Post: Boy Was I Wrong

By, Kyle Gibson

Today was a milestone for the Kicking It blog. The site hit 1,000 views, a benchmark I never thought I’d hit. I also found a great site for the Kicking It podcast, Buzzsprout, whose link you can find in a previous post.

Today was also a day where I really ended up getting a prediction wrong. I thought that Brazil would really get behind lost players Neymar and Thiago Silva. Basically, I went with heart over head.

I’ve never been this wrong concerning soccer in my life, as Germany beat Brazil 7-1, one of the biggest World Cup defeats of all time.

I’ve had a long, weird history with being very overconfident about Brazilian soccer. When I first started watching at age 8, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo were amazing and spellbinding and filled my young mind with wonder. I’ve predicted Brazil to win every World Cup since 2006 and I’ve been wrong every time.

I wanted to write this post to show I’m not above admitting I was very wrong. I’ve made a lot of positive predictions this World Cup, but this is a pretty humbling experience.

I hope you will continue to read this blog and accept that we’re all wrong sometimes. I learned a super valuable lesson today, never let your heart outweigh logic when you’re making a prediction.

Thanks to Braxton Crisp and Christian Cole for their contributions to the blog, as well as my dad for helping with the podcast.


2 thoughts on “New Post: Boy Was I Wrong

  1. crivasldnont

    Congrats on reaching your 1k views! This is just the beginning. We know the feeling, didn’t know who would read our blog or if they would like it. We just reached 4k today, and we are very happy we started talking about the beautiful game. We have connected with other bloggers like you, and we think that is a huge part of “our success”, as we hope we have helped out too. We might even talk later. We are also interested in a podcast, and your insight will be very valuable. Germany made history today, as we think our blogs did too. Have a good one & we will send views your way.

    1. kickingitsoccer Post author

      Would love to help you with anything I can in terms of advice on a podcast! Yeah you guys were actually my first follower and it goes me sense a feeling of community on WordPress. I also saw the cool logo and realized I need one haha.


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