MLS: Erick Torres of Chivas USA is a Bona Fide Star at age 21

By, Kyle Gibson

Over the past few seasons, Chivas USA has been a rough team to watch. This season, however, the Los Angeles club has found a diamond in the rough.

21 year old Erick Torres is having a splendid season so far for Chivas. On loan from the Chivas parent club, Torres might not be in Los Angeles much longer past this season.

Torres has 12 goals this season, 19 since joining in 2013. Not only can he score goals frequently, he can also score some beauties.
For example, Saturday night against Montreal, things looked to be ending in a goalless draw, until Torres fired a beautiful overhead kick to win it. The video is well worth the watch.

The ability to even score from a kick like that is amazing, let alone after playing 94 minutes.

That’s not the only great goal Torres has scored recently, though. Check out this beauty that also proved to be the winner against Real Salt Lake last weekend.

When you add Torres picking up the game winning goal against San Jose on Wednesday, that’s 3 game winners in 3 games for a 21 year old striker. Phenomenal. Torres has scored in each of his past 4 games, including the goal that tied the game with Chicago 1-1. In his last 4 games, Torres has produced all 4 goals for Chivas USA, which means he has directly led to 10 points for his team.

That 10 points in 4 games has put Chivas in a decent position as well. The team now has 20 points, 1 off 6th and 7th place Los Angeles and Portland, and just 5 out of a playoff spot. Chivas won’t have to worry about a loan recall this season either, as the loan was extended in June.

Torres has played for the Mexico U17, U20 and U23 teams and it seems likely that a senior Mexico soccer call-up is next.

Torres was no slouch for the parent Chivas either, scoring 14 goals in 65 appearances, very good numbers for a youngster.

Chivas sent this talent to its American club to blossom and now that he has, it could find it tough to hold on to such a hot talent.

When I watch these Erick Torres goals and see his stats, I see a player that could be a star for years to come.


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