Predictions for Today’s World Cup Matches plus Freddy Adu, Vladimir Putin References

By, Kyle Gibson

Yesterday’s games went slightly cool after Belgium’s dramatic 2-1 win over Algeria. Brazil and Mexico ended up tied at zero. The game, however, was still very exciting, it’s just that we expected goals galore from Brazil in their home country. South Korea and Russia blundered on their way to a 1-1 draw. I’m just happy that Russia’s GK Akinfeev doesn’t have to go face to face with Russian minister of sport, Vladimir Putin.

I could definitely see today’s games being slightly different and definitely more exciting. So without any further Freddy Adu, here go my predictions.

Netherlands 4-1 Australia

I think these Flying Dutchman will continue the form they’ve shown against World Champion Spain and come out with another big victory.

I also think Daley Blind has another assist in him. We know who’s scoring the goals. Rooting for Tim Cahill to get another one for MLS.

Spain 2-1 Chile

I’m making this pick against my better judgment, because I saw how good Chile played against Australia. However I just don’t think you can keep a good team down for too long. Spain was flat-out embarrassed on the world stage, and will be looking heavily for revenge. That said, this should be one of the most enjoyable games of the tournament so far.

Cameroon 1-3 Croatia

Croatia probably feel very hard done by because of the soft penalty against Brazil. I saw plenty of positive things from this team, it was just their misfortune of running into the host nation on the opening night. I do think Cameron finally gets on the board though after being held scoreless against Mexico. Don’t feel bad though Cameroon, Mexico held Brazil scoreless too.

What are your predictions? Leave them in the comments, or tweet them @kickingit10


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