Mexico Gets Robbed, Steals one to beat Cameroon 1-0 In World Cup opener.

By, Kyle Gibson

Giovani dos Santos is not necessarily the fan favorite for Mexico, but his performance today should not be forgotten soon.

It’s a shame that dos Santos was denied two goals in the opener against Cameroon, especially because the goals appeared to be legitimate. Poor officiating is hurting this World Cup so far, but Mexico was able to rally and get the win it deserved 1-0.

New golden boy Oribe Peralta was able to make the most of his starting nod over Javier Hernandez by tapping in a rebound in the second half. It was a strike any player could convert, but credit to Peralta for being in the right place.

Chicharito has said he is tired of the super sub role that he saw today as well. There is a quick remedy to that: score goals.

I didn’t see Mexico going very far this World Cup, but today might have swayed me. After getting the goal, Mexico was able to step back and defend a feverish Cameroon attack.

The group now sits as follows

Brazil 3 (+2)
Mexico 3 (+1)
Cameroon 0 (-1)
Croatia 0 (-2)

One has to think Mexico, which has been on rocky footing for a year, seems to be in the driver’s seat to advance to yet another Round of 16.

I guess I was wrong to ever doubt Mexico.

Brazil is up next, though.


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