New Post: Columbus Trades Away Square Peg Dominic Oduro

By, Kyle Gibson

As I type this, I’m drinking from a Dominic Oduro souvenir cup. The forward’s image was everywhere around the Crew this season, which makes perfect sense considering Oduro led the team last year with 13 goals. 

Time to order new cups in Columbus. The Crew traded Oduro earlier today to Toronto FC for midfielder Alvaro Rey. 

Honestly, this is something I saw coming. Oduro has no goals this season and even though he was injured to start the year, he has looked out of place in Gregg Berhalter’s new attack. 

After all, Berhalter’s main style this season has been to send crosses into the box. There have been goals recently that differ from that, but I get the feeling that is the style Berhalter wants. 

With the emergence of Justin Meram as a legitimate offensive threat and Jairo Arrieta as well, I think the Crew will now use the cap space to go after a target striker that can head down long balls for teammates and be a target on set pieces and crosses. Who is that man? For some reason, I keep thinking Kenny Cooper. I’m probably oh so wrong, but who cares?

Oduro had gained notoriety in Columbus, becoming the fan face for, like I said, cups, pocket schedules, the scoreboard, Papa John’s commercials and more. However, he didn’t have the popularity of guys like Federico Higuain, Will Trapp or Michael Parkhurst.

As for Rey, Berhalter said he can take people on 1v1 and keep possession, which is something the Crew loves to do in attack. Toronto gains a pretty decent guy to back up or start along Jermaine Defoe. I think the trade will prove to be beneficial for both teams. 



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