Europa League Tape Delay Blog, Half 1

By, Kyle Gibson

I can’t figure out how to do a live blog, so I’m going to steal from Bill Simmons and provide commentary as I see it in the Europa League Final, then post as a blog later. This is my first time trying, so it could really suck.

Pregame: I Know nothing about these two teams. I’m pretty sure Freddy Adu played for Benfica. I also know that Eusebio played there. Man, there’s a big difference between those two. I’ve seen Sevilla lose to Real Madrid and Barcelona on Bein Sports a few times.

Courtesy claps for the….interesting pre-match festivities. Still, the Juventus Stadium is a shining example for Italian stadiums, The rest are old castle battlements.

The kids holding hands are the non-honor roll kids. Those get to hold hands with Cristiano and Costa.

‘1 Nothing says mediocrity like John Strong calling your game.

‘3 (Quickly Googles Lineups)

‘3 Lima with a good chance off a nice pass. Meanwhile, I enjoy the match ball.

‘6 Sevilla with a chance too. Good stuff early

‘9 Does the Portugese Liga need journalists with little to no Portugese understanding?

’11 Yellow card out early for Fazio. Tough spot for him now to play around 80 minutes plus maybe added time..

’12 Another yellow for Sevilla. This time it’s Moreno. I’m loving the passing so far between both teams.

’16 Credit to Fox Sports for covering the Europa League just as seriously as the UCL. They were always promoting it.

’20 Benfica is just smooth on the ball, while Sevilla is going a great job unlocking space in the middle of the park.

’22 I hope this gets one view. That’s the ceiling for this experiment. Quick reminder that Kicking It will soon be a podcast as well, as soon as my microphone arrives.

’28 So far this isn’t the match you show your “non-soccer” friends.

’30 It’s getting rough though! Yellow for Sequeira. (Shakira?)

’32 Had no idea Jose Antonio Reyes was with Sevilla. Oops.

’40 Just grabbed a jello snack pack. Delicious.

’42 Wait it’s sugar free jello. Slightly less delicious.

’45 A few big chances by Benfica, against the recent run of play!

’45 + First half in the books. I will live tweet the second @kickingit10


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