New Post: EPL and MLS Weekend Predictions Sure to be Wrong!

The predictions are back! The demands of student life have really impacted this blog. I will try to be here as much as I can from here on out, because these seasons are on historic paces right now. I normally do just EPL predictions, but with the MLS now back, I wanted to get in the spirit and do those too.

Winners in Bold.


West Brom vs Manchester United 2-0

Cardiff City vs Fulham 1-1

Crystal Palace vs Southampton 0-0

Norwich vs Stoke City 1-0

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur 2-1

Note on Chelsea-Spurs, I’m really hoping that result happens, just to throw another wrench into the title chase.


Seattle vs Kansas City (Huge Game) 2-2

D.C. United vs Columbus 2-1

Vancouver vs New York Red Bulls 1-0

FC Dallas vs Montreal 3-0

Houston vs New England 2-0

LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake (Another Huge Game!) 2-1

Portland vs Philadelphia 1-0

Chivas USA vs Chicago 3-1

Happy watching, everyone! The Premier League and the American Premier League all in the same day…and to be honest, the MLS games look a lot more exciting. Here’s to a year with healthy stars and big attendances, as well as some rising stars in the MLS as well.
Post your predictions in the comments!

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