New Post: Alan Pardew Should Lose His Job For Headbutting a Player, Not Just $100,00


By, Kyle Gibson

He’s a wild man that speaks his mind. He takes nothing from nobody. He curses people and headbutts the opposition. All of these things would be great for a biker or a guy from a Discovery Channel show, but not an English Premier League manager.

Loose cannon Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew had yet another touchline bust-up today, this time with a player for the opposing team, Hull City player David Meyler. In the 71st minute of action, Hull City received a throw in near Pardew’s position. The two then became embroiled in a bit of pushing as Meyler went for the ball. Pardew could have stopped, but instead he became the aggressor and went after Meyler. As they got closer, Pardew gave Meyler a headbutt.

This is reminiscent of Woody Hayes over here in the U.S. However, if a coaching legend like Woody Hayes could lose his job for being violent towards a player, someone like Pardew, nowhere near a legend, could as well.

If Pardew had a squeaky clean past I would be a bit more lenient in my opinion. This ain’t the first rodeo for Mr. Pardew though. This season he also cursed at Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini in a very vulgar way. In 2012, Pardew pushed an official, which earned him a two match ban.

Those were all at Newcastle. In 2006, with West Ham, Pardew became heated on the touchline with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. While every manager seems to get into it with Wenger, this is an alarming trend for the public face of an EPL team.

What kind of message does this send to Pardew’s players? Newcastle has 4 straight red cards at this point of the season, along with 41 yellow cards. The number is middle of the pack, but many of the cautions and ejections have come at really bad moments this season.The team also lacks discipline at key moments. I think that has a lot to do with the team’s hothead manager.

Newcastle has fined Pardew $100,000, which is a very large number, but that is for a third serious offense at the club.

In my opinion, it’s three strikes and you’re out for Mr. Pardew.


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