New Post: EPL Predictions

Liverpool vs Arsenal: Tough one. Great game. Liverpool wins 2-1.

Aston Villa vs West Ham: Villa in nice form. 1-0 to Villa

Chelsea vs Newcastle United: Hmmm….Chelsea hangover after the city win? Nah. 3-1 Blues after losing this fixture in the past.

Crystal Palace vs West Brom: Tie. No one wants to win this one.

Norwich City vs Manchester City: Frustrated Citizens will kill cuddly Norwich. 5-0

Southampton vs Stoke City: Two teams on the uptick. Saints win at home 2-1

Sunderland vs Hull City: Sunderland keeps things going! 1-0 win

Swansea City vs Cardiff City: Recently without a manager for Swansea, Cardiff City wins 2-1

Tottenham vs Everton: Match-up of the week! Tied game at 2.

Manchester United vs Fulham: United…barely. 2-1.


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