News: Braxton Crisp Named Full-Time co-host of the Kicking it Radio Show

By, Kyle Gibson

Braxton Crisp being named a full-time co-host of the show should not be a surprise to anyone.

Braxton has been here since the beginning with the show, helping my brother find his way as a producer and providing plenty of commentary as well.

I’m sure I could do the show myself and I have a few time, but that flies in the face of my philosophy that two host radio is the best radio.
We have a good chemistry on air forged by the 15+ soccer broadcasts we did together in the fall.

I’m not just selecting anyone out of the blue. Braxton has been here for most of the shows and as The listeners know, he also has a big love for soccer.

As everyone knows, the show airs Wednesday nights at 6 PM, but due to a few scheduling conflicts, The show might not be able to go live every week this year. In that case, we will post a podcast on the website each week at stream 1, but don’t worry we will keep you posted.

I don’t want to sound like an old man at 22 years old, but Braxton has a very bright future ahead of him and I’m sure our careers will link up again in the professional world, even though I think we have different career goals.

Still, it makes me very excited to have a co-host that I work well with and who has nothing but the brightest future ahead of him.

Expect a blog on Monday to recap the weekend.



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