New Post: Blues Rising: Why Chelsea Will Win the Premier League


By, Kyle Gibson

Chelsea was my preseason prediction to win the EPL title, mainly because “The Special One,” Jose Mourinho returned as manager. So, you can understand my absolute horror when Chelsea got off to a terrible start to the season, dropping points and generally playing bad soccer.

The club under Mourinho has never been known for the most attractive brand of soccer, which is especially true this year. However, while Chelsea lacks a certain style, the smash mouth style the Blues use is very effective. Creatives like Hazard, Oscar and Willian are free to do what they want with players like Terry, Luiz, Ivanovic and Azpilicueta on the backline to bail everyone out.

Chelsea is nowhere near a complete team, with problems at striker, however I think they will definitely win the league despite these shortcomings. Where there are holes, Mourinho is able to plug in the right player for the right game. For instance, Samuel Eto’o’s hat-trick against Manchester United was a justified selection, but came as a surprise considering Fernando Torres had been in fine form.

Mourinho is a proven and fearless leader who know how to get the most out of his players. More importantly, Mourinho is also known to shift blame onto himself during controversies, which puts less heat on the players.

So why will Chelsea win? Let’s dive in. 

The Competition: 

Here’s the table for the top 3.

1. Arsenal 55

2. Manchester City 53

3. Chelsea 53

Arsenal has a very tough remaining schedule with matches against Liverpool twice, Bayern Munich twice, Manchester United, Spurs, Chelsea, Man City and Everton left in all competitions, not including a continued run in the F.A. Cup. Also, Arsenal has not won a trophy in so long that hipsters are becoming Gunners fans.

Manchester City is without a doubt the biggest threat to the EPL title and the odds on favorites to win. If Chelsea is to win, it would have to do so without goal differential, which Man City won its title with two seasons ago and currently holds a 41 to 24 advantage over Chelsea.

However, Chelsea was able to defeat City on Monday, at the near impenetrable Etihad. This was a big blow to Man City and helped to bring the teams level on points. Also, City has a bad record on the road this season that could come back to haunt it in May.

These are all reasons why I think Chelsea will win the EPL, with a few more additional reasons.

  1. Stamford Bridge- Jose Mourinho has never lost at home in the EPL during his time at Chelsea. I see this streak continuing for the rest of this season.
  2. Chelsea has a much easier road than Arsenal down the stretch.
  3. Chelsea is in full campaign mode. Players are diving for balls, getting the most out of results and playing as a cohesive team.

They may be sitting in third at the moment, but come May, the Blues will be hoisting the EPL trophy for the first time since 2010.


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