Now Podcast: The Kicking It Radio Show featuring Justin Eads.

By, Kyle Gibson

Hello all. First, an apology is in order. It’s always hectic for me to figure out time at the start of the new semester, so I haven’t been blogging as much. So, now that I have a new schedule figured out, it’s time to lay down a new blog schedule.

Monday will now be introspection Monday.

Tuesday or Wednesday will be a profile story.

Thursday or Friday will be the radio show.

Friday will be weekend predictions.

That being said, here’s the link to the latest episode of the Kicking It radio podcast. The program airs live on Wednesdays at 6 pm on 88.1 WMUL-FM Huntington, 90.7 WFGH-FM Fort Gay and 106.7 WVKM-FM Matewan. The program is also available live online at Stream one.

This program discusses Juan Mata, the EPL matches of the midweek and a special interview with Justin Eads, the president of American Outlaws Huntington.

Listen, comment, tell me what I can do better. Enjoy!


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