New Post: The Ballad of Tony Pulis


By, Kyle Gibson

He walks out onto the touchline. He’s been in this stadium before, but hasn’t been back in 8 months. He looks around, what he sees has to warm his heart.

Banners, bearing his name.

Fans. Shouting his name, even though this home, once his, now has a new king.

At the Brittania, Tony Pulis has returned.

Tony Pulis spent 7 years in charge of Stoke City and oversaw a great run for the club in his tenure. Pulis has never been relegated as a manager, something that a side like Stoke, resilient, but not the most talented, needed in a manager.

Still, all good things come to an end. This May, Pulis and Stoke parted by mutual consent.

After becoming the Crystal Palace manager, Pulis was tasked with what he faced at Stoke, keep a team that isn’t the most talented in top flight football. Just take a look at the team, there aren’t a lot of inspiring names on that roster.

January 18, 2014 must have been marked on the calendar at Palace, as that is the date that Pulis returned to his old stomping grounds. His faith in his team was rewarded yesterday. Last week Jason Puncheon had one of the worst penalty misses of all time.

However, Pulis kept Puncheon in and was rewarded with the midfielder scoring the game winner, moving Palace out of the relegation cellar and up to 16th.

The fans were great, as was Pulis, applauding the Stoke crowd before and after the game.

The steady-handed manager will need plenty more results like that to continue his reputation of never being relegated.

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