New Post: On Michael Bradley, shut up, MLS bashers.


By, Kyle Gibson

By now we all know the news about Michael Bradley’s transfer back to North America and Toronto FC, a move reported by MLS legend Taylor Twellman of ESPN and later confirmed by everyone on earth.

Michael Bradley is coming to the league he started his career at as a better player now and has a very high salary. Yes he is the best U.S. player, even though Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Brad Guzan give him a run.

The reaction was kind of what I expected, many were very happy, but many fans of the national team are worried that Bradley will be out of form by the time that the World Cup comes around because he spent a few months in MLS.

Shut up. Honestly, just please shut up.

I respect your opinion about Bradley maybe still being in his prime and wanting him to keep climbing the ladder in Europe, but I am sick and tired of people bashing the MLS.

Around 2003, three years into watching soccer, I started to wish the best U.S. soccer players could go and play in Europe and compete at the highest level. However, around 2008 I started to wish that the MLS could keep the best American players and help to turn the MLS into a real world player.

There have always been Eurosnobs that bash the MLS, but if they are real soccer fans, they should know that the MLS has dramatically improved in recent years.

Thierry Henry noticed a change between his first and second season here saying it used to be all direct long balls, but now there is a much nicer style of play.

Eurosnobs, take a look around! Actually watch a few games. The MLS is a viable league that’s attracting plenty of quality players from around the world. Some crowds are still small, but watch an EPL game and look at the stands, or an Italian game, the stands are nowhere near full.

This is a league that isn’t even 20 years old yet. European teams have had, in some cases, at least 100 years to establish themselves and the league they play in.

The MLS is an entertaining watch where good players can make a living. A fair wage for all its players will help it grow. So will more American fans.

In this country, we talk about buying American and believing in America, we need to start doing the same with our soccer.


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