New Post: Kyle’s EPL Hall of Fame. What are your picks? Comment and join the argument!


By, Kyle Gibson

Ok, my Michael Bradley blog is coming tomorrow and it’s a big one, so stay tuned! Tonight’s blog is all about something I’ve seen recently on ESPN FC, which is a good watch.

The debate over the MLB Hall of Fame selections made ESPN FC ask about an EPL Hall of Fame and who would your selections be? Their criteria is that you get 3 selections for players that are no longer in the game.

I love sports debates so naturally I wanted to have a go!

My original picks were Alan Shearer, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard.

I didn’t know the original criteria, so you can strike Frank Lampard off the list. Actually, I’ve had a change of heart about another pick too.

Here is my updated list for a first ballot EPL Hall of Fame! I’m just focusing on EPL form.

1. Alan Shearer

I was only able to watch Shearer at the end of his career, but this man was a real goal scoring legend. Before moving to Newcastle, Shearer scored 113 goals for Blackburn in a four year span. He only extended his career at Newcastle, scoring 148 career goals on Tyneside.

2. Thierry Henry

I grew up on Henry. I’ve often wondered how in the world I became a Manchester United fan when all I used to do was watch Arsenal games. Henry is one of the most stylish footballers I have ever seen. He scored goals as effortlessly as the Beatles made number one hits. A bit of a knock is that he left for Barcelona, but who cares, 174 career EPL goals at Arsenal is a great total over 8 seasons. That is an average of just over 21 goals per season.

3. Ryan Giggs

Everlasting. The Welsh Wizard. Tearing you apart since 1991. Ryan Giggs is the Cal Ripken of the EPL. I could go on about him, but these actions speak louder than words.

  • Most assists in EPL history
  • 13 EPL trophies
  • Most Champions League appearances and most goals by a British player in the UCL.
  • Most EPL appearances
  • Most Manchester United appearances
  • Only Player to appear in each of the EPL seasons and his career dates back to before the EPL was formed as it is today.

So what are your picks? Comment below! Be feisty. Embrace soccer debate my friends!

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