New Post: Kicking It, More than just soccer! Music blogger Brad Gibson breaks down his top songs and albums of 2013


By Head Music Blogger, Brad Gibson

It seems as if the music industry slacked off this year. There were barely any major releases and the music was bland. Only a couple of albums, or songs for that matter, were worth listening to. So I decided to honor the best albums and songs of the 2013 in my first post on the Kicking It blog. Don’t worry, I didn’t include Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll.

1)      Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

This album will be remembered as one of the greatest albums of the 10’s, right up with Kayne West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. Once the album pulls out the station (the earbuds, headphones, speakers, however you’re listening) it doesn’t stop until it reaches its destinations (your heart). Suggested tracks: Step, Diane Young

2)      Kanye West – Yeezus

Ye is angrier than he has ever been on this album, but it pays off. He drops some of his all time greatest songs like New Slaves, Blood on the Leaves, Bound 2 and Black Skinhead. Some people claimed that “he didn’t even try on this album” and “he rushed it”. If you listen closely you can hear the beat of Yeezus’s heart (self-worship). Yeezy makes sure that every track on the album sounds different than anything he had done before which creates a whole new trap rap experience. Suggested tracks: New Slaves, On Sight

3)      Lorde – Pure Heroine

New Zealand finally has three things; The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Lorde. The 17 year old pop seductress wails about teenage woes and wanting money along with time. If you’ve never hear Royals or Team, you’re probably living under a rock. I hope it’s warm down there. I guess it is if you can afford internet. Suggested tracks: Tennis Court, Ribs

4)      The Devil Makes Three – I’m A Stranger Here

Old Crow Medicine Show fans beware, you will like this album. The twang of their stings and the drawl of their voices sounds very like you’re listening to a record you found in a dirty basement. Suggested tracks: 40 Days, Spinning Like a Top

5)      Daft Punk – Random Access Memory

Get Lucky is the song of the year. It may be the song the 10’s. I’ll go ahead and say it’s the song of our generation. The rest of the album is just below the level of Get Lucky, which means it’s still excellent, especially since it has the greatest song of the 21st century, Get Lucky. Suggested tracks: Lose Yourself to Dance, Giorgio by Moroder


Top songs of 2013

1)      Daft Punk – Get Lucky

2)      Wild For the Night – A$AP Rocky

3)      Tennis Courts – Lorde

4)      Reflekor – Arcade Fire

5)      Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake


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