New Post: The January Transfer Window, The Real Christmas

By, Kyle Gibson

It’s that time again! The quiet desperation your favorite team has been showing when it comes to certain gaping holes in the lineup can be fixed this January with the winter transfer window.
Will Chelsea buy a real striker?
Will Manchester United buy a real midfielder and perhaps shore up the back line?
One thing is for certain, any time you have a transfer opening, the rumors spread like absolute wildfire. I’ll try to highlight the best done deals in the coming weeks, but I’m not going to be like some of the large media agencies (looking at you, Sky Sports) and completely make things up.

One move is looking pretty interesting.
I’ve heard a lot about Arsenal and Athletico Madrid striker Diego Costa. That would be a shrewd buy by Arsene, but he won’t be alone in looking at Costa.

So kick back and enjoy! For soccer fans, our Christmas present comes a week later.

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