New Post: The Hair, The Myth, The Legend. Tom Huddlestone does it big for Hull City


By, Kyle Gibson

Two and a half years must have seemed like an eternity for Tom Huddlestone, the 27 year old star of the Hull City midfield. That’s the amount of time between EPL goals for Huddlestone, who scored from 18 yards out in a 6-0 thrashing of Fulham on Saturday, his birthday.

It may have appeared like a regular goal in a thrashing of a relegation team, but the goal broke a multiple season slide and is proving to be pretty expensive. See, Huddlestone hasn’t cut his hair in the length of time between goals. This has created an amusing side story to the last few months.

Now, Huddlestone is showing why he’s more than the average footballer by raising money for Cancer Research UK by cutting his hair. So far, the page has raised over 27,000 pounds from more than 1,200 donors. That’s the power of hair.

Hull City finds itself right at 10 in the EPL table at the turn of the season, the highest place of the three promoted teams, which is thanks in large part to Huddlestone.

I thought it was an interesting deal when Hull City paid about 5 million pounds for Huddlestone in August. He had fallen out of favor at Tottenham and I thought Hull could use someone like that in the midfield. The move has more than paid dividends for Hull.

To actually sit and watch Huddlestone is a pleasure in itself. He is an amazing passer and can feed the wings like few others in the EPL. He also has a great intelligence on or around the ball and is a good organizer in the midfield. He’s a joy to watch for a team that isn’t always the easiest to watch.

A question has been whispered a few times this year: “Tom Huddlestone for England?” You could easily see Huddlestone providing a spark off the bench in the games against Italy and Uruguay and maybe even starting for Costa Rica when the English hit the World Cup.

Huddlestone had better hope he doesn’t wait two and a half years before he scores again. After all, he will want his hair short for Brazil, where it tends to get a little warm.


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