New Post: The Weekend Breakdown + Arsenal vs Chelsea Preview

The Stats- I went 6-3 on my weekend predictions. Some were easy to pick, while some were very tough. I’m going to do EPL Predictions now heading into every match weekend, as well as big games across the MLS and Europe. Please feel free to leave your predictions in the comments. If enough people are interested I will make it a points contest, because we all love contests!

The Big Winners– Everton are now really gaining all kinds of talk as a team that can not just finish top 4, but challenge for the title. Let’s face it, we know next to nothing about the EPL this season, besides that Suarez is a demigod and Manchester City will demolish you at home. Why not Everton? Their loan paradise has given three great players to a team that already has Ross Barkley, Kevin Mirallas, Leon Osman, Tim Howard, Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines (for now) and other really good players. The top teams aren’t discounting Everton and neither should we. 

The Big Losers- Getafe took a 2-0 lead against a Barcelona side that was without Messi, Neymar and Xavi. Spain stopped in its tracks. Getafe must have felt it was a Christmas miracle…for 24 minutes. At 34 Pedro took over and scored a hat trick in 10 minutes. Cesc Fabregas added 2 in the second half and Getafe ended up with a lump of coal on its home ground and a 5-2 loss. 

The Best Game- I grew up loving the Milan Derby between AC Milan and Inter and yesterday’s game was like a return to the classic the series has always been. AC Milan led the way until late when Fredy Guarin showed why he is in the transfer talks with some really decisive playmaking. The goal that won the game was a real gift to soccer from Rodrigo Palacio’s backheel. I freaked out. The last Serie A match of 2013 was the best of the year. 

Arsenal vs Chelsea Preview: My birthday is tomorrow, Christmas Eve, but I think the Great Soccer Fan in the Sky gave me an early birthday/Christmas present today. Arsenal can move into first again with a win, while Chelsea could move into a tie at first with a win. Check the table. It’s tight up there. In my Friday predictions, I said Chelsea wins 2-0 and I’m sticking by it. 

Another neat tidbit, Jose Mourinho says he wants to stay at Chelsea for 12 years. Read the article, it’s pretty complementary of Arsene Wenger. They said Lorne Michaels was a comedians comedian, not really loved by the public. I think Arsene is a football manager’s football manager. They all love him, but the public doesn’t always appreciate him. 

I’ll be live tweeting the game @kickingit10 and occasionally from @kyleisgibson. Follow both of those for breaking news and analysis. 

There will be a special Christmas edition of Introspection Tuesday tomorrow! Please check back for a fun look at some great goals. 


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