New Post: English Premier League Pickem. What are your picks?

It’s a big weekend for the EPL. We have started to hit the part of the season where matches gain even more importance and dropped points can impact season standings.

This is the first time putting the matches on the line for this blog. My picks will be showcased below, for better or worse.

Put your picks below in the comments by 7:30 AM on Saturday and let’s have some fun with this!

Liverpool vs Cardiff: Liverpool. Reds are on a roll and Cardiff is in a transitional period and frankly in shambles. 

Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United: Newcastle. The North is starting to hum as winter has arrived. 

Fulham vs Manchester City: Manchester City. The Blues play poor on the road…but…I mean. 

Manchester United vs West Ham: Manchester United. The guys at West Ham are really struggling now. With talks of Sam Allardyce maybe being on the hot seat, it does not help to have a United that is now finding its form next on the schedule. 

Stoke City vs Aston Villa: Draw. Both these teams will have to find better form. A lack of form and creativity will result in a stalemate. 

Sunderland vs Norwich City: Norwich City. That awesome Gary Hooper goal recently is more than a cool shot. Hooper might now mean that the former Celtic man has arrived. Sunderland is coming off that awesome 2-1 League Cup win against Chelsea, but is that too much of an emotional high?

West Brom vs Hull City: Draw. I watched the Hull City match last weekend and it was terrible. It was so nasty. West Brom is in the aftermath of firing manager Steve Clarke. Not the best of waves to be riding. 

Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs. Wow. Did I ever let some Southampton guys onto my fantasy squad at the exact wrong time? This club is sliding. Spurs fired Andre Villas Boas and honestly people aren’t that upset about it. New boss Tim Sherwood is already receiving rumors about being named full time manager. He will look to come out very strong in his first EPL match in charge. 

Swansea City vs Everton: Draw. There will be a draw, but by golly, it will be fun to watch. 

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Chelsea. This is the big one! While I think the Everton-Swans game will be better all around, anytime bigs clash it’s awesome. Jose Mourinho is a magic man who has lost his wand, but can still make Arsene Wenger’s head explode. 2-0 Chelsea. 

I would love to hear your predictions in the comments!

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