New Post: David Moyes, Liverpool, Sergio Aguero, Clint Dempsey, Champions League Draws

Welcome to another edition of soccer’s favorite bit of analysis, Introspection Tuesday! In Introspective Tuesday, everything is made up and the points don’t matter.

  1. Clint Dempsey needs Fulham…and vice versa- The Guardian is one of my favorite EPL newspapers, along with the Daily Mirror. Let’s just say the Guardian was on its game this weekend. On Sunday the paper reported that U.S. soccer captain Clint Dempsey would be returning to Fulham starting January 1 on a 2 month loan. Dempsey scored 50 goals in 184 appearances from 2007-12 at Craven Cottage, a form he has yet to capture anywhere else. Dempsey struggled…bad this summer at Seattle, scoring just one goal on the season and appearing to be ineffectual in the MLS Cup Playoffs. Fulham is entrenched in a relegation battle this season. When Dempsey was in London, the team was playing quality Europa League matches and finishing in the top half of the table. This looks like a match made in heaven.
  2. David Moyes Wins, then does an Alex Ferguson impression-  Growing up a crazy Man United fan, I would read stories each week in which Sir Alex Ferguson would go after refs and try to make sure his team got the calls, succeeding even better than Phil Jackson, who is much taller and creepier. On Sunday, after a 3-0 victory at Villa Park, David Moyes did a SAF impression in saying it was a shame that refs did not better protect Adnan Januzaj.


“It is terrible what they (the officials) are allowing to go on at the moment. They (opposition players) are queuing up to see who can kick him next.

“(Matthew) Lowton was booked but there were that many tackles on him from different players.

“It is a recurring theme and it’s the referees’ job to sort it out. You would hope they would recognise that.”

Makes us United fans get all sentimental. Our crazy manager frothing at the mouth over a referee? Home sweet home.

3. Sergio Aguero will be sorely missed with his calf injury- It was announced today that Manchester City star striker Sergio Aguero would be missing anywhere from 4-6 weeks with a calf injury suffered in the 6-3 demolition of Arsenal. A few quick stats. Aguero has 13 goals in all EPL games this season, not quite Suarez, but still very impressive. Also, Aguero has scored first the first or only for City in 6 EPL goals this season and in each of the last 3 EPL games. This is the guy that gets the offense started and had the hot boot. He will be missed by Citizens and soccer fans alike.

4. Love him or hate him, Luis Suarez is just a damn good soccer player. And he’s only 26, which means, barring injury, there will be 6-8 more quality years of Luis Suarez. All the goal scoring, Ivanovic biting (a link to a gif, you’re welcome) and crazy antics we’ve come to love or hate. Honestly, you can hate the guy all you want, but watch a game without bias. Great work rate and skill for days. Iago Aspas needs to touch a hem of his clothing. Maybe then he shall achieve Anfield Greatness.

5. We have a beautiful Champions League Round of 16. Neutrals delight! The UEFA Champions League round of 16 draw produced some real beauties. There are four especially that stick out.

Manchester City v Barcelona- Messi and Aguero will be back

AC Milan vs Atletico Madrid- Hipsters, Unite!

Galatasaray vs Chelsea- Didier Drogba against the club he made his name at.

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich- Right now these two teams are tops of the table in their respective leagues.

This is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving! Too bad we have to wait until February 18.

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