New Post: Tottenham Fires Manager Andre Villas Boas

It didn’t exactly send shockwaves around the soccer world, but it always produces flashy headlines when a manager at a top club gets sacked. Rumors had been swirling for weeks about Andre Villas Boas (AVB) getting fired for Tottenham’s lackluster play.

Well, after the 5-0 loss to Liverpool in which Spurs looked lifeless, the rumors became reality.Andre Villas Boas joins yet another coach unemployed in the Christmas season.

Spurs sits in 7th place after using the summer to transfer Gareth Bale and bring in upwards of $100 million worth of new talent to White Hart Lane. 

It had looked like AVB was going to keep the job for a little longer after a decent run in form, but Sunday’s 5-0 drubbing to Liverpool at home left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, including chairman Daniel Levy, who looked visibly frustrated during the match. 

Is some of this Levy’s fault? That’s for a future blog (hint) to look at, but now, AVB will have to regroup from his second firing in 2 years. 

For the interim, former Spurs standout Tim Sherwood will lead the club as a manager search takes place. Can the new manager save the Spurs season? We will find out in weeks to come on what is the world’s biggest soap opera, the English Premier League. 


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