The Moyes, The Bad and The Ugly: Why does Manchester United Suck

David Moyes has lacked direction in his short months at the helm of Manchester United. However, Moyes is not all to blame. In order to break down the terrible happenings at Manchester United, I will break down the season in its 3 biggest problems, the Moyes, the Bad and the Ugly.

(Full Disclosure: I have been a fan of Manchester United since 2002.)

Before doing that, let me throw out the things I think are good at United with quick explanations, because you can’t have bad without some good.

  1. Wayne Rooney- Back to his old antagonist ways. Great from a deep midfield, play making position.
  2. Phil Jones- Decisive back liner, emerging into what we thought he’d be.
  3. Ryan Giggs- Ageless. A bit of class United needs. By all account, he still works as hard as he did when he was 19.
  • The Moyes- It’s really weird that a guy I always thought had an ironclad will seems to worry over a team sheet for hours and then select his 11 by drawing names out of a hat. Also, Moyes is not at all good at keeping a pokerface. Over the summer, Moyes made a bold announcement that the team would go out and sign Cesc Fabregas…How did that work out, David? Cesc was not just playing coy when he said he wasn’t interested. He flat out WASN’T INTERESTED. Sir Alex Ferguson would never have never shouted out a player he wanted unless he knew the player was in his corner. Moyes has been nowhere near a leader during his short stay with the club.
  • The Bad- The bad on this team lies in a few of the backliners. This is an Old Boys Club in every stretch of the imagination. In terms of..worstness? Is that a word?
  1. Patrice Evra: He is one of my all time favorite United players, so this is not easy to say, but his giveaway in the Newcastle game sealed the deal for me. Evra was linked to leave at the summer and it’s set to happen again. Plus, Evra is 32 years old. He’s very good at getting the ball down that left wing, but that’s a luxury to have a player that isn’t a midfielder when he can’t cover top flight talent anymore.
  2. I tend to think of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand as a pair, because they’ve played together for so many years. I think of them in that way now too. Both are too old. While Vidic is still very good, he is too often injured.
  3. The rest of the backline, due to inconsistency and makeshift lineups, can’t gel. It is really important for any line to have plenty of time together.
  • The Ugly- Once the envy of the world (Beckham, Scholes, Giggs) the Manchester United midfield just sucks these days. I like Marouane Fellaini in a more forward position, not the spot he is in now. Actually, United could have signed Fellaini for a lot cheaper. Wouldn’t it make sense that his former manager, David Moyes, would have a keen eye on his buyout clause? I guess not…Tom Cleverly is not anywhere near where expectations saw him being. Is it possible that Cleverly has regressed? I think yes. Ashley Young is washed up and nowhere near his Aston Villa and Watford days, which is a shame because he used to be one of my favorite Prem players. Antonio Valencia is ok, but damn, why can’t he finish? Moyes apparently has no trust in Shinji Kagawa. Nani has not been good since 2009.

Saint Alex Ferguson did nothing besides signing Robin Van Persie, while striker was the least of worries on a team that featured Rooney, Welbeck and Chicharito. Some blame lies with Ferguson, but the ruthless Scot made things work. The hesitant Scot, David Moyes, still has work to do unless he wants his first season at Manchester United to be his last.


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