Introspection Tuesday

This week’s Introspection Tuesday is a little bit different. For those that have checked my about page, you know I’m a humble student, drowning in a pile of student loans here at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. I’ve taken a class this semester about the internet and the web that has truly opened my eyes to just how important the web is.

The Kicking It Soccer blog and all of its future glory was actually born out of that class. In today’s technology driven world, if you are trying to be a journalist, a presence on the web is one of the most important things you can have. Everyone in my class made a blog. Most of them have great designs and great premises, but would we have created them without the class?

Here’s the thing, our world is changing rapidly. We have to step up and accept these changes to remain marketable. This video is a projection, but just an idea about how quickly technology can change around us.

The main thing I have learned from my Web Strategies class is that we, as journalists, are no longer the sniffy gatekeepers that decide what stories are discussed. That comes from social media, such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and many other outlets. Blogs give the amateur journalists a platform to stand on. 

In the future, I can only see this expanding. The online world will play more and more of a part in the journalistic field. After all, look at soccer. There is a completely online channel devoted to soccer in KickTV, an online magazine like Overlap and podcasts such as the legendary Men in Blazers.

There is plenty out there in the online world for us as future journalists. If we understand what is going on in the online world, it’s easier to find a foothold there.


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