Introspection Tuesday

The NFL has “overreaction Monday” every Monday, so I decided to have introspection Tuesday.

How does it work? Wow, thanks for asking. I’ll post 5 or so things I think, or think I think each week.

So, here we go!

  1. How good is Juventus? All the talk is on Roma and its unbeaten run, but the team finds itself in 2nd to Juventus with only 3 draws on the season. Juventus has one loss, to Fiorentina on the road five games ago. I’ve managed both of these teams on FIFA’s manager mode (so I’m kind of an expert, ok) and I truly believe Juventus has more depth than anyone in Serie A, which could help it down the stretch against a Roma side that lacks quality deeper down the team sheet. 
  2. Derby Games are always the best games. Oh, so you want proof? I give you two games from the weekend, the Merseyside Derby and the Midlands Derby. Two games that make draws fun. A six goal affair in Merseyside on Saturday and four today in the Midlands. Passionate fans, passionate coaches, passionate players. That’s a recipe for a great game.
  3. This is going to be an Epic MLS Cup Final. Two great teams. Two great coaches that are also former MLS greats. A wonderful atmosphere in Kansas City, which is hosting. The only thing that comes close to sucking is that we have to wait two weeks and the MLS will have to compete with a HUGE football weekend. Who schedules things for the MLS?
  4. Real Salt Lake plays like its coach. When I think back to Jason Kreis in his playing days, I think of a guy who was basically crazy on the field. It’s like Kreis found ways to score goals by sheer willpower. He always played with a chip on his shoulder and was an overachiever. He embodies the spirit of Salt Lake soccer, one of the smallest markets in the league. As a coach, he has instilled that same philosophy into his team. Think about it, the players on this team are nowhere near as talented as the other top teams in MLS. However, these guys truly embody the spirit of TEAM and form a sum so much greater than the parts. That’s why Real Salt Lake is so professional and in my eyes is grossly underrated, even though it is so successful.
  5. Sir Alex Ferguson never made a face quite like thisSeriously, it looked like Moyes had just lost his wife and kid like Josey Wales. It’s almost up there with the Brad Stevens face.

Well, tell me what you think! Also, feel free to list what you think, or think you think, in the comments.


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