When You’re Gone



I woke up at 11 today, like other college kids. I needed the rest, but I didn’t want it. Waking up this late on a Saturday, it meant something awful, there was no Premier League, No La Liga, no Ligue 1, hell, no Serie A. While international breaks are necessary and sometimes fun, it does not equal a Match Weekend. 

I saw an international movie today. My brother asked and I figured, why not? After all, the international theater I usually watch, German, English, Italian, French and Spanish delight all weren’t playing at a cinema near me. 

Not even the home front could provide the soccer I sought. The MLS has decided to wait two weeks before we get some truly fun games. Instead, I went to the mall. A kid in Hot Topic tried to sell me a shirt, but he wasn’t able to articulate the ways I could get it delivered for free in an Extra Large. I feel for the kid. because it is hard for me to say just how much I need the escape of an Iniesta run, a Rooney rant, a Dante clearance, a Jose Mourninho tantrum. 

The autumn air was warm today, a last hint of a summer long lost in the Earth’s incessant turns. The slow rotations, which, when you think of it kind of looks like a slow turning goal kick from Tim Krul……….

Damn, I hate off weekends. 


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